Welcome to One Touch Infratel Pvt. Ltd

With an experience of over 30 years in the cable TV and internet industry, One Touch Infratel has evolved over time to become the foremost technology provider in the field of IP Voice, DTH, Digital Cable TV, Internet Broadband and IP-CCTV Camera. With the unification of these platforms, today One Touch Infratel is leading the FTTH technology innovation by bridging the gap between the subscribers and the service provider. Boasting of its technical skills and in-depth understanding of this emerging technology, One Touch Infratel is fully geared up to revolutionise FTTP and FTTx platforms. One Touch Infratel is already sought after by leading service providers and technology inventors to partner for systems integrating their products and services as it helps them in cutting down the last mile cost while leveraging on the existing infrastructure.

Services Offer

Next Generation Network

  • FTTH / FTTx

    IPTV: Internet Protocol Television is the next generation Cable Television which will do away with the traditional Set Top Box (STB).

  • Telephony & Intercom services

    Telephony & Intercom services from any Telecom Service providers will be integrated in the FTTH platform and customers can choose the service provider of his choice.

  • Security and Surveillance

    Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television (IP-CCTV) and surveillance cameras solutions can be implemented on the FTTH network backbone

  • Video Door Phone ( VDP)

    A Internet Protocol video Door Phone (IP-VDP) can be integrated with its Guard Phone in the entrance of the gated complex where in 3 tier of surveillance

  • Home and Office Automation

    The FTTH Network is integrated and capable of provisioning the entire Building Management system

  • Building management solution (BMS) &
    In-building solution (IBS)

    The FTTH Network created by One Touch Infratel is integrated and capable of provisioning the entire Building Management system (BMS)

  • RFID Parking control access system

    One Touch Infratel provides Radio Frequency Based Identification Cards (RFID) to all the society members, employees, housekeepers, gardners, maids, cooks and drivers

  • Smoke & Fire Alarm System

    Our next-generation FTTH network integrates with the smoke and fire alarm systems and escalates it if there are any incidents that happen inside the residences. This safety features helps the residents a peace of mind

  • E-Learning E-Learning
  • CDW Building Management System (BMS)
  • HDTV / Web TV HDTV / Web TV
  • Forever21 Digital Cable TV
  • Samsonite Online Gaming
  • Avis Smoke/Gas/Fire Alarm
  • One Touch
  • Hugo Boss Video Conferencing
  • CDW High Speed Broadband Internet
  • Uniqlo VOIP / Intercom
  • DXL Telephone
  • Forever21 Video Door Phone
  • Samsonite Wi-Fl
  • Avis IP Security Cameras

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