One Touch  


Benefit to Service Providers

Our Next Generation (NGN) is a delight for all service Providers and is a dream comes true. This allows them to connect all customers of a complex in a minute. As they will use already placed existing one Touch FTTX network. Also it saves millions of rupees, which they spent on copper and hours of manual labors to build out dated copper network for each and every customer.


Benefit to Customers

It's a user-friendly plug-and-play Technology, instead of adding new copper wires for every new service they will obtain in the future which is very inconvenient for fully décor house. They can add, delete or switch over without disturbing their expensive interiors. They have superior uninterrupted services, which are the basic features of One Touch Passive fiber Network.


Benefit to Housing Complexes & Developers

One Touch Infratel Is an advantage for complexes, housing societies and developers as all services providers will converge through our passive Network. Instead of installing independent electric junctions and lots of copper cables for each and every member in the Society which makes whole society very indecent as new service providers added in future. As times passed it becomes more untidy and unpleasant for any good society. We make complexes and housing societies Wire-free and spotless for generations to come. Also by adopting "Green Technology" that provides its customers with world-class services making it a premium and most upmarket complex to live.

  • Fiber to the home (FTTH): is the only technology that will deliver huge bandwidth, reliability and at a low cost, to meet the consumer demands in the next decade.
  • Open Architecture: The fiber optic network is being planned and built by One Touch Infratel in 18 metro cities in India. It is “open architecture”, which means any service provider can offer their services on our world class FTTX Network.
  • Future –proof Scalability: Low cost and fast scalability of speed up to 10 Gbps and ultimately 100 Gbps per connection.
  • Unlimited scale: One Touch Infratel can connect unlimited homes, offices and buildings etc.
  • Dedicated Line: Since each home or office has its own, dedicated fiber wire terminated at the premises which makes trouble-shooting, operations and maintenance much easier then ever.
  • Secure transmissions: Since fiber architecture does not have active distribution shared system.All data and multimedia transmissions are most secured.
  • True-convergence: One Touch Infratel system is built for for convergence. It has been designed for distribution of multiple -HDTV channels, Voice, Video, and ultra-fast Internet access, plus all kinds of new and improved Futuristic services.